About Us

About GTC

German Foundation for the Recycling of Electronic Waste
An Egyptian company specialized in managing and recycling hazardous waste. Especially electronic, electrical and mechanical waste and scrap metal

A leading company in the field of electronic, electrical and mechanical waste management and recycling

The first and largest factory in Egypt, equipped with the latest machinery and specialized equipment

Aim and vision

We all deserve second chances, And so is the case with everything we get rid of; But the perfect question: How can we revive products and materials we no longer use?

  • To recycle things is to revive them with a new opportunity and a different purpose. Which benefits our quality of life and the planet
Equipped with the latest machines and specialized equipment that holds many quality certificates, including ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.
This infrastructure assists clients looking to proactively comply with Egypt Vision's goal of recycling and reusing the waste collected.
Our commitment to waste recycling and reuse is at the forefront of our environmental services, and this is evident through the provision of a recycling plant and waste collection

In the German company, we can provide recycling solutions individually or within our integrated services for the management and recycling of electronic, electrical and mechanical waste.

in addition to, Thanks to this strong infrastructure, The German company is able to collect and process a large variety of materials. This includes the collection of more than 1,200 tons of electronic, electrical and mechanical waste and miscellaneous scrap.

Besides collecting and handling materials, At the German company, we work with our customers to develop customized recycling plans that contribute to achieving the high levels of efficiency and effectiveness for which we are known. We also offer an additional set of services that include safe disposal of hazardous violations, data disposal, recycling awareness programs and waste management.