Electronics recycling

Electronic devices are present in abundance in all companies and institutions. And of all kinds, whether computers, home appliances, electrical tools and machines, With the spread of these electronic devices, the term electronic waste appeared

What is electronic waste and what are its risks? This is what we will learn about

What is electronic waste:

Electronic waste is considered to be the remnants of electronic devices and their remnants, or they are broken electronic devices that no longer work, so they are destined to be parked in the companies’ warehouses and have no benefit, but rather become a threat to the environment and cause environmental and health risks. Electronic waste was also classified as dangerous if it contains components Toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive, and most electronic device circuits contain heavy metals, such as lead and zinc

It is a type of electronic waste

Therefore, it had to be safely disposed of and its components recycled in accordance with local and international standards, using the latest technologies in the recycling of electronic and electrical waste.

Therefore, contact us if you are a representative of a company or institution wishing to obtain a certificate of safe disposal of electronic and electrical waste and all permits of the Ministry of Environment. And the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Federation of Industries and benefit from the best financial return in Egypt